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Agile Business Concepts, LLC was founded in 2006 and is based in the metro Washington DC area. Agile is a well-established woman- and Service-Disabled Veteran-owned small business that delivers modern IT services in the areas of information assurance, cybersecurity, system engineering, software development, program management, and administrative & professional support services. Our customers include federal, DoD, and U.S. Intelligence Community agencies. We are growing – join the Agile team of experts.

Current Job Openings

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    Data Science – Data Scientist: Open Level

    JOB DESCRIPTION: The Sponsor seeks a Data Scientist to support enabling and growth for the Sponsor’s existing automation efforts and drive forward their natural language processing efforts. The Data Scientist shall focus on the sponsor’s business analytics, metrics collection, and analysis efforts to assist sponsor’s management team in addressing questions on sponsor’s work force characteristics, workforce productivity and output, and the value of reporting to the workforce. Responsibilities include, but not limited to: • Work directly with sponsor and other stakeholders to establish working data sets, configurations, and profiles to support metrics analysis. • Design and implement advanced design configurations for complex data sets. • Compile data analysis and reporting needs using deployed tools. • Collaborate closely with the sponsor and other stakeholders to stay current and abreast of changes with current enterprise metadata collection tools. • Produce ad hoc reports/metrics as deemed necessary to answer immediate needs. • Implement sponsor’s coordination process.

    Systems Engineer – Systems Architect

    JOB DESCRIPTION: The Sponsor has a requirement for systems support. Lines of effort shall include direct operational support by facilitating data gathering in highly technical situations, providing engineering design and implementation of data triage capabilities, and providing technical expertise to support the development of the Sponsor’s overarching data acquisition and exploitation strategy. The Team will perform end-to-end quality assurance of data feeds and data sets, and provide engineering support for data triage and assessment. The Systems Architect will identify and document areas for improvement in workflows or systems, attend regular stand-up meetings, and provide input to code reviews. The team will support related infrastructure and application development initiatives and support monitoring, alerting, and reporting out (e.g. dashboards). The Systems Architect will research and document options for collecting or aggregating data from a variety of web based and internal Sponsor platforms and evaluate web based platforms’ ability to detect or deny access. They will also make recommendations on approaches to acquire information.

    Software Engineer

    JOB DESCRIPTION: This position is for a SME-level Software Engineer** The Sponsor is requesting 2 (two) Software Engineers that will support the Enterprise Authorization Services’ access control component tasked with improving consistency, compliance and security measures needed to enhance data sharing across the Enterprise. The selected individuals will leverage cloud hosting availability and self-healing capabilities to ensure that Identity Access Management (IdAM) services can meet availability, scalability and security objectives. Services such as Externalized Authorization are leading to a paradigm for IdAM, and the Sponsor is leveraging state of the art solutions using industry standards. These Software Engineers will install, deploy, and maintain the access decision services COTS products and develop critical software components that leverage COTS APIs. They will collaborate with customers and external technical personnel to integrate and develop new customer digital policies with the enterprise service. In addition to other responsibilities, they will also participate in the testing process, support end user training, utilize Agile and Scrum development methodologies, create documentation, communicate the strategy and progress of authorization services to technical and nontechnical audiences, research standards, and engineer a system upgrade to increase process automation for the enterprise’s Digital Policy Management (DPM) system.

    SharePoint Developer

    JOB DESCRIPTION: The sponsor requires a SharePoint Developer to provide Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support for Website and SharePoint sites. This includes assessments and consultations on design of SharePoint tools and applications, workflow development, management, processing engineering, and technical support. In addition, migrating Sponsor’s current SharePoint 2013 to 2016. SharePoint 2013 decommission is scheduled for May 2021. An identified risk is that 2013 workflows may not work in the 2016 version, and the SharePoint Developer will need to recreate and make compatible via InfoPath and JavaScript. This developer will be a shared resource to support other similar requirements. The SharePoint Developer will perform all work in collaboration with Sponsor management. The SharePoint Developer will identify requirements in collaboration with stakeholders and develop action plans in collaboration with stakeholders. The SharePoint Developer will provide O&M support for designated SharePoint and Website instances. They will also support content management on the Sponsor’s website, migrate current SharePoint 2013 sites to SharePoint 2016, and conduct an assessment to discover all workflows within the site. The SharePoint Developer will develop custom JavaScripts to support workflow migration, InfoPath forms to support workflow migration, and a workflow in Sharepoint with multiple calendars and system notifications. The SharePoint Developer will develop and integrate website content. The SharePoint Developer will create and renew applications within the cloud environment. The SharePoint Developer will maintain applications within the cloud environment. The SharePoint Developer will recommend and implement performance improvements to SharePoint workflow architectures. The SharePoint Developer will redesign SharePoint application tools to improve stability and performance. The SharePoint Developer will prepare documentation such as web site specifications, product features, communication protocols, programming languages, operating systems, or hardware. The SharePoint Developer will develop the business logic for front-end systems and back-end systems. The SharePoint Developer will design service architectures, user interfaces, and databases. The SharePoint Developer will use JIRA to capture requirements, manage tasks, and track project progress.

    The SharePoint Developer will coordinate with stakeholder(s) to prioritize activities and conduct quality control activities.

    Certifications Requirements:

    1. (Mandatory) Certification: SharePoint Site Collection Administrator
    2. (Desired) Certification: SharePoint Designer Location: Chantilly

    Application Services – Applications Architect: Open Level

    JOB DESCRIPTION: **This is a multi-FTE team and therefore the candidate does not need to meet all mandatory skills to be compliant. ** The Sponsor is seeking a cloud migration team to migrate critical application from on premise environment to cloud environment. The team will be developing the migration of Sponsor applications to include several other small applications that will also be migrated to the cloud. The team may start developing a plan/prototype for Sponsor’s new search and discovery system, recommend solutions for getting off of End of Life software (i.e. Adobe Flash), and ensure AWS and Sponsor Enterprise Solutions are leveraged for cloud development. This individual will work as part of a team working with an existing resource to provide development and migration support to build/enhance features in an Agile work environment. This team will work within the Sponsor’s AWS environment using Agile methodologies. They will also be led by a GPM and receive support from an existing Systems Integrator. The team may share responsibility for troubleshooting issues with the application and may be required to provide Tier 3 support during nights/weekends.